We asked several sommeliers who have used The Quantum Coaster to share their thoughts:

"Oxygenated, aerated"

"Opening up of flavors"

"More balanced"

"More elegant, delicate, exquisite, polished"

"Softer, rounder"

"Sharper edges taken off"


"Brings out the flavor-profile"

"Softer in effect on the palate"

"The second it touches palate, night and day difference.
Discernible fruit and spice flavors"

Less aggressive on the palate"

"Less edgy,
Much more enjoyable experience"

"Less bitter, cleaner"

"Takes away bitter after taste"

"Difference in aroma, enhanced yet softer"

"Brings out the notes and flavor profile"

Take the taste test challenge!

Pour 1, 2 or 3 ounces of your favorite beverage into a glass on The Quantum Coaster.
Then pour into a glass not on the coaster.

Let both sit for 3 minutes.
Taste the coasterized beverage first. Aroma first, then taste.
Then smell and taste the uncoasterized version.