Dr. Drew Karp

This is Dr. Drew Karp, CEO and developer of the BOĆE™ coaster.
The BOĆE™ coaster is a revolutionary, nature-inspired, taste enhancement technology
that was developed through 37 years of experience in uniquely combining quantum physics
with health care.
When your beverage sits on the BOĆE™ Coaster, proprietary, patent pending,
taste enhancing frequencies reach and interact with the liquid through a
proven, quantum energy transfer technology. Frequencies can travel through
solid barriers like a glass, bottle, mug, or container. In 3 full minutes your beverage
is fully enhanced – noticeably smoother, flavor-profile enhanced, less after taste and
simply a more delicious drinking experience.
To optimize a whole bottle of wine or spirits, place on the BOCE Coaster
for a full 10 minutes. You’ll be happy to find a $10 bottle of red wine may taste
more like a $50 bottle.
BOĆE™ stands for Balance, Optimize, Coherence and Enliven.
Over the past three years, we have done 100’s of taste tests across the country and 95% of the people
prefer their beverages on the BOĆE™ Coaster. At times, I have noticed people
have trouble finding the words to describe the changes using the BOĆE™ Coaster.
After all it is a new taste experience.

A noted certified sommelier in Miami Beach had these comments after doing taste tests on red wine and spirits with and without the BOĆE™ coaster.
Oxygenated, aerated
Opening up of flavors
More balanced
More elegant, delicate, exquisite, polished
Softer, rounder
Sharper edges taken off
Much smoother
Brings out the flavors and notes
Softer in effect upon the palate
Discernable fruit and spice flavors
Less aggressive on the palate
Less edgy
Less bitter, cleaner
Takes away bitter aftertaste
The second it touches the palate, night and day difference
Difference in aroma, enhanced yet softer

These changes take place because beverages are infused with nature inspired, BOCE taste enhancing frequencies.
Use the BOCE Coaster on ALL your beverages – water, coffee, wine, spirits, sports and energy drinks, smoothies, etc.
BOCE technology works on all beverages. Since you drink beverages all day long, it makes perfect sense to optimize this experience.
Your palate and body deserve the very best!

Thank you and Cheers!
Drew E. Karp, DC, FIAMA