What is it? The BOCE coaster is a beverage enhancing technology. It uniquely balances, optimizes, creates coherence and enlivens all your beverages. How does it work? The balancing taste and flavor-profile enhancing frequencies are transferred from the coaster into the beverage. It works through quantum physics. Dr. Karp has used quantum physics in his practice for 35 years. Nothing new to him. Does it work on all beverages? Yes! It works on water, alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, energy drinks, smoothies, etc. How long does it take? It takes 3 minutes for the full effects to take place. It gets better the longer you leave it on the coaster. Does it work on a bottle of wine or spirits? Yes, it takes 10 minutes to fully charge. How long can I leave a glass or bottle on the coaster? 3 hours is the maximum time. How long will the taste be enhanced? While your beverage is on the coaster. If you take it off the coaster, for about 3 hours. Will it work through all kinds of beverage containers? Yes, it will work through aluminum cans, plastic, styrofoam, ceramic mugs, etc. How long does the coaster last? Until you lose it, or someone swipes it from you.