Do you work out?

Whenever I watch professional athletes compete, I notice something.

These people are totally committed to their sport, train most days,
looking for any edge they can get.
Yet, they are drinking water, sports or energy drinks or what-have-you that are
totally processed, energetically deficient and incoherent.


These dedicated women and men train for hours every day to get their body in the best possible shape.

And every hour they are ingesting fluids that energetically have a weakening effect upon the body.
The same goes for regular people who work out.
You want your beverages to not only truly hydrate you, but also to have a beneficial effect all around.


I have tested many different beverages on people.

To get a better look, I first treat them with computer-assisted acupuncture to deeply balance their whole body.

Then, as they lie face up on the treatment table, I have placed bottled water, sports and energy drinks, coffee, workout drinks, etc. on their abdomen.
And every time, the body goes from deeply balanced to totally out of balance and incoherence.  
How does drinking these commercial beverages affect your workout?
Are these energetically deficient and incoherent beverages having a positive impact on your workouts?

Or, does it (unknowingly) have an energetically weakening and incoherent effect on your body and training?


We focus on the foods we eat. Organic, farm to table, grass fed, free range, ingredients you can pronounce, vegan, keto, paleo, etc.

Yet up to this point, we have not really addressed the beverages we drink.

The technology encoded in the BOĆE™ coasters infuse balancing, optimizing, coherent and enlivening
frequencies into the beverage of your choice. Having the same effect upon your body.
That can only have a beneficial effect upon your workout.
And maybe even your recovery.

 Just place your beverage on the BOĆE™ coaster for 3 minutes or more before your workout.
The charge lasts a full three hours.

 Now go workout 😊

 Dr. Karp

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