Your drink becomes noticeably smoother, tastier and more enjoyable in just 3 minutes.

How does it work?

Patent-pending, taste-enhancing frequencies travel from the BOĆE Coaster through your beverage. Just like the sun's rays warm a room, or your cell phone transmits information in the form of radio frequencies, these frequencies travel through solid objects. After 3 minutes, experience the full-bodied flavor of your BOĆE infused beverage!

The BOĆE Coaster is a patent pending revolutionary technology that makes your beverage taste noticeably smoother, more flavorful and delicious. Enhanced flavor, backed by a money back guarantee!


Results in 3 Minutes

After placing your beverage on the BOĆE coaster for 3 minutes, your drink becomes noticeably smoother, tastier and more enjoyable.

Backed by Science

Certified lab studies show a reduction in fusel oils and oxidation along with an increase in aeration resulting in a smoother and flavor-enhanced tasting experience.

Patent Pending

BOĆE technology is patent pending and can only be found here. Take the BOĆE Challenge with us and prepare to be blown away.

Customers taking the BOĆE Challenge

"I use the BOĆE Coaster in all of my restaurants and at home. I can't drink anything without it."

–Fabio Viviani

Celebrity Chef, Hospitality developer, best selling cookbook author and TV Host.

Place your glass on the BOĆE COASTER™ and in 3 minutes you will taste a smoother and more flavorful drink!


  • "WOW! What a difference! The acidity of the wine on the coaster has almost dissipated."

    Antonio Callea, Certified Sommelier, Bellagio Hotel

    Las Vegas, NV

  • "On the coaster this tastes like 1905 whisky that I had in Tokyo. Off the coaster this tastes disgusting."

    911 Firefighter, Film Producer, Professional Skateboarder Peter Bici

    Miami, FL

  • "Akin to the aeration process. 3 minutes on the coaster vs an hour in a decanter.”

    Grand Master Sommelier Of "Okami"

    Design District Miami, FL


This is GROUND BREAKING technology. As test results prove, the volatile compounds in alcohol are reduced, making this, maybe, the first product that makes alcohol less toxic to the body. We hear over and over that people are not waking up with hangovers! With additional testing, we can prove that not only does the coaster enhance the taste, flavor, aroma, and smoothness, it also makes alcohol less toxic and detrimental to the human body. This is a service to humankind.

Contenu réductible

Taste the difference!

Imagine your favorite wine, beer, whisky, tequila, and vodka, more flavorful  and smooth in just 3 minutes.  The BOĆE Coaster™ is a patent pending technology that enhances the taste, flavor profile, aroma and texture of your favorite beverage. Your drink will be noticeably less acidic, less bitter, and more enjoyable, just by placing your glass on the BOĆE Coaster™

Money Back Guarantee!

Place your bottle of wine on the coaster for just 3 minutes and experience the difference. If you don't we offer a full money back guarantee.

Same beverage, new experience!

This patent pending technology will have any bottle or glass of wine go from good to great. Just sit your glass on the coaster for 3 minutes, or a bottle for 10 minutes and it will taste as if it was decanted for an hour.