BOĆE Your Life

Last night we were out for dinner at Vine 60.
It has 60 kinds of wine on tap.

Being a holistic and optimum performance doctor, I don’t drink much.
But last night I let loose with one glass of wine.


I had the waitress bring two glasses as I planned on doing the BOĆE challenge.

I poured half the wine into a second glass.
I placed the BOĆE coaster under one glass for 3 minutes.


I drank the glass on the BOĆE coaster first.

It tasted nice, flavorful and quite enjoyable.


I tasted the wine not on the coaster next.
It was a totally different wine. It was tart, acidic and
simply nowhere as close as enjoyable as the first glass on the coaster.


Even though I developed the BOĆE coaster, I was still blown away
at the noticeable difference.


I had the waitress do the BOĆE challenge and she too was amazed
at the difference. She asked us how can she get one.
We gave her one for doing such a great job and doing the challenge. .


Although I having been using this technology for about two decades,
it is new to most people. Your beverages will taste noticeably smoother and
more enjoyable. BOĆE stands for balanced, optimized, coherent and enlivened.
That is what creates the taste enhancement.



Dr. Karp

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