BOĆE for Ahletes

This is Dr. Karp, developer of the BOĆE™ coaster and technology.

Thank you for your interest!

I would like to share with you why this technology would be an asset
for all professional athletes along with weekend warriors.
And really, just about anyone.

Most commercial beverages are highly processed, packaged in plastic, aluminum or some other man-made container, shipped many miles and then stored on shelves for any number of weeks or months.

Whatever balance and vitality the original ingredients may of had initially, may have been lost in the above process.

Athletes who train and work so hard to perform at their peak, are drinking processed, possibly devitalized, commercial beverages
hourly and daily that may or may not be supporting their efforts.

These athletes are looking for any edge. They may not know the beverages they are drinking may be minimizing their edge.

In my holistic medical practice of 37 years, I have seen first-hand time and again the effects of these processed, commercial beverages.

When I have an athlete think about or mentally rehearse performing in his or her chosen sport, and I test their neuro-muscular system, it tests “strong”.
Meaning against equal pressure, they can hold their strength easily.

When I have them hold or drink their commercial beverage of choice, and ask them to think or mentally rehearse about the same performance, they test noticeably weaker.
Meaning, the possibly devitalized beverage is having a weakening effect upon their neuro-muscular system and therefore possibly their “performance.”

Every movement an athlete makes requires communication between the brain, spinal cord and muscles = the neuro-muscular system.
Drinking these processed, commercial beverages may unknowingly not be moving them to their desired optimal performance.

When the same beverages are placed on the BOĆE™ coaster for just 3 minutes, and the same neuro-muscular testing is done,
with the athlete thinking and mentally rehearsing his/her performance, his muscles test “dramatically” stronger.

Most athletes are amazed at this finding!
Meaning, they may perform that much better at their chosen sport.

The word BOĆE™ means Balance, Optimize, Coherence and Enliven.
That says it all.

I am here for any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Dr. Karp

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