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We've been selling the BOĆE coaster online for about 3 months now. The feedback has been very good. Most people can taste the difference in their beverages using the coaster. We hear people say their beverages taste smoother, lighter, cleaner, a better, happier buzz when drinking alcohol. That is because the technology in the coaster balances, optimizes, creates coherence and enlivens the beverage. People are now, for the first time, drinking enhanced, upgraded beverages – enlivened with BOĆE energy. We had a BOĆE challenge party last weekend. We had 14 people drink wine, tequila, whiskey and vodka on and off the coaster. People drink the coaster version first. It's fun watching their facial expression after they drink the non-coaster version. It's usually one of surprise, disbelief, or shock. They see their drink came out of the same bottle, yet it taste totally different on the coaster. Smoother, taste and flavor enhanced, less after taste and just a more enjoyable drinking experience. It's time to take your beverages to the next level. The BOĆE coaster does just that. Cheers, Dr. Karp
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