Balance, Optimization, Coherence, Enliven

In my functional medicine practice of 35 years I see a lot of interesting things. I would like to share a very telling scenario of what I have seen on a consistent basis.

As a patient would lie face up on the treatment table, deeply balanced after having computer-assisted acupuncture, I would place their bottled water, cup of coffee, sports drink or any other beverage they brought into the office on their tummy.

Every time, their deeply balanced body would immediately go into total imbalance and incoherence! On an energetic level, their whole body went from being deeply balanced and coherent (optimal healing) to totally imbalanced and incoherent.

Just by placing their beverage on their body. This happened time and again for years. I took it upon myself to create a technology, that when attached to any beverage, balances, optimizes, creates coherence and enlivens it.

We call that BOĆE™. Now, when I place the same water, coffee, alcohol, etc. sitting on the BOĆE™ coaster for 3 minutes, on the body just treated with computer-assisted acupuncture, it keeps the body in that exquisitely balanced state! Infusing beverages with balancing, optimizing, coherent and enlivening (BOĆE™) energy is what creates the noticeably smoother, cleaner, crisper and flavor-enhanced changes.

Through BOĆE™ technology, beverages naturally become their upgraded version of themselves.

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